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Sustainable Practices: Integrate sustainable design principles into your projects. This includes optimizing images and code, reducing server requests, and utilizing green hosting options.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Implement techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of websites, such as efficient coding practices and minimizing resource-intensive elements.

Green Hosting: Recommend and use hosting providers that prioritize renewable energy sources to power their servers.

Eco WebDesign

WordPress creations

eco conception

graphic integration

UI Design

sketching, wireframing, lo-fi, hi-fi prototypes

design of web et mobiles interfaces

visual design - design systems

Clean and Intuitive Design: Focus on creating clean and intuitive user interfaces that prioritize user experience and ease of navigation.

Visual Hierarchy: Establish a clear visual hierarchy to guide users through the content and actions on the website or application.

Responsiveness: Ensure designs are responsive and accessible across various devices and screen sizes.

User Research: Conduct thorough user research to understand the needs, behaviors, and preferences of your target audience.

Empathy: As a UX designer, prioritize empathy in your design process. Understand the emotions and motivations of users to create a more meaningful and user-centric experience.

Usability Testing: Regularly conduct usability testing to gather feedback on your designs and iterate based on user input.

UX Design

User Research, User Mapping, User Testing...

Information Architecture

UX Strategy, Data Visualization,..

Digital Audit

Web & Mobile Digital Audit


Mobile Optimisation

Energy Consumption:Evaluate the energy efficiency of servers and data centers hosting the digital product.

Website Performance: Assess page loading speed and optimize for efficiency. Minimize HTTP requests, compress images, and leverage browser caching.

UI/UX Analysis: Assess the user experience to ensure it encourages responsible behavior (e.g., reducing unnecessary clicks or data inputs). Optimize user interfaces for simplicity and ease of navigation.