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I’m Amaia, UI / UX Designer

I’m the foundress of UIUXFaktory.com

What’s UIUXFaktory?

UIUXFaktory is an international digital services company based in the south of France.

We are dedicated to meeting your needs in the creation of digital interfaces and experiences. We work alongside you to understand your goals and needs, and support you from ideation through to implementation.

UIUXFaktory offers UI & UX Design, Web & Mobile Creation and Digital Audit services.

As specialists in the creation of web and mobile interfaces, we support you throughout your project in a close, attentive to detail and totally personalised way.


Our value proposition

We are here to redefine the Digital Responsibility

Eco-designed digital solutions tailored to your budget

Introducing our innovative business: Eco Friendly Web and UI/UX Design. Our expert UX/UI designers specialize in eco-friendly audits for websites, apps, and interfaces. In today’s digital landscape, sustainability is a necessity.

We analyze your digital platforms from an environmental perspective, identifying areas to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.

By optimizing UX/UI design, we enhance performance and minimize ecological footprint. Our audit evaluates code efficiency, optimizes image sizes for faster loading, and applies sustainable design principles.

Partner with UIUXFaktory to contribute to the global effort against climate change and improve your brand image. Stand out while providing users an exceptional digital experience aligned with their values.

Consistent, intuitive user experiences that integrate the principles of responsible design with your visual identity and brand image being respectful with the planet.

Join businesses benefiting from our services. Let’s create a greener future for digital design. Contact us for your eco-friendly audit and transform your digital presence!

What make us different

Authentic immersions to understand the user and offer unique experiences. Integrating your daily life to help you achieve your goals.


We cannot say no to our customers. We always have a solution or recommendation to our customers.

No is not an answer
Centered in humans

Above all, the human being. We are a team that is truly dedicated to our customers. We get close to our customers to give them the best customer experience.

Close to you

Our digital solutions can be accessed from any platform, are suitable for all audiences and we have a presence on social networks.

Almost 24x7

We remain at your disposal from Monday to Friday, but if you feel that your project requires more dedication, you should indicate this in your request so that we can take it into account in the budget.

Passion for details

Ce sont les détails qui font la différence, nous pensons même aux situations les plus improbables pour créer les meilleures expériences pour les utilisateurs.


Our digital solutions offer the adaptability and scalability that are essential in a constantly changing world. They enable businesses to adjust quickly to changes in the market respecting first and foremost the carbon footprint.

Flexible Green Solutions

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Amaia Langleur-Fernández

Who collaborate with UIUXFaktory?

Aurélie Rejasse, éco-webdesigner.

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