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Web – Creation




UI/UX Designer

Web Designer



The Council of Spanish Residents in Montpellier has undertaken an ambitious redesign of its website, aimed at improving accessibility and user experience. The new site will offer a modern, user-friendly platform, facilitating communication between representatives and the local Spanish community. Thanks to its ergonomic design and dynamic content, the site will be an essential tool for informing, mobilising and encouraging citizen participation in political decision-making.

The website of the Montpellier Council of Spanish Residents needed to adapt and optimise its current website in order to offer a quality service to all Spaniards living in the departments of Hérault, Aveyron, Lozère and Gard. A meeting has been arranged with Mr Sánchez, the president of the Montpellier CRE, to understand his idea and help him identify areas for improvement and new features to include.The web presence of the Spanish Residents’ Council in the Montpellier consular demarcation needed a complete update. After steps such as user research, user-friendly interfaces, organising the information so that the user can find it in as few clicks as possible… the end product is a website that is clear, useful, usable and, above all, with the data that Spaniards living in the consular demarcation of Montpellier have a full experience of using the website and finding the information they need.


The Council of Spanish Residents in the consular demarcation of Montpellier had its website based on the payment platform, and was totally abandoned after several years of digital inactivity. As the President of the Council is my friend and I had just become a UI / UX Designer, I proposed a relook of the website and that to do it well, we were going to have to listen to the needs of the Spaniards.
So we set out to empathise with the residents and newcomers of Spain, to discover their needs.

Problem Statement

Need for a new digital image and a more detailed explanation of the CRE, its functions and its involvement with Spanish residents and newcomers to Montpellier.


Publicize the CRE, create a new digital image and show the advantages of this organization for Spanish residents and newcomers.


Design an interactive webpage that show what the CRE can do including all primary information and accessible from the most popular platforms for all people.

discover & empathize

You arrive in Montpellier…what would you want to have quickly in your hands?

Let’s say it’s my own story, of what I missed in 2007 when I first came to Montpellier and when I came back to settle down for good in 2009.

Although it was a personal experience, thanks to this and the help of Jose Manuel Sanchez and others, we have been able to help many newcomers to settle in this multicultural city in the south of France.

The research work has taken a long time. Jose Manuel’s networking has been a fundamental piece in the development of the project, thanks to its social implications, we have been able to get in touch with the newly arrived Spaniards and also with the Spaniards of long pedigree in the territorial demarcation of the Spanish Consulate.

Both regulars and non-regulars of the digital media have given us many clues to determine the type of content and the architecture of the information.

With this website, we wanted to meet the needs of both newcomers to Montpellier and those who have been in the area for a longer period of time. 

Key Takeaways

One point of information:

The need for a site that recapitulates the most needed information points

Up-to-date information:

up-to-date contact information, fully accessible from any digital platform

For all audiences:

Newcomers, long-established Spaniards, young people, adults, retired people… a website for everyone.

User’s Interviews

“In my time we didn’t have these things, we came here on an adventure, fleeing the terror of the civil war”

Francisco Pérez


“We have just arrived in Montpellier and thanks to the CRE website we have a fundamental point of information to help us start from scratch”.

Lopez Termas Family

“The people at the CRE have helped me a lot with the administrative procedures and have made it easier for me to contact the Spanish associations in the area to meet new people and do social activities”.

Ana Maria Santos



What I would have liked to have had at the time…

The years have gone by, but the needs have not changed even though we have all kinds of means of communication. It’s just that it’s badly ordered and badly communicated.
As mentioned above, helping people to integrate in Montpellier or providing information to those who don’t know where to find it has been a bit of an unusual user search. Who would have thought that helping would turn into a qualitative and quantitative user search to build what many of us need. Because I no longer use google for my dealings with Spain, I go to the page we have built.

Our Personas

Lola Dupont-Pérez

“I now know what the CRE is, what it can do for people our age and above all how easy it is to communicate with them now and find activities with other Spaniards.”








Widow with 5 grandchildren


Spend more time with her grandchildren

Being in good health

Keep relationships with other Spanish people


  • INCENTIVE 90% 90%
  • FEAR 79% 79%
  • ACHIEVEMENT 60% 60%
  • GROWTH 75% 75%
  • POWER 53% 53%


Dependence on public transport

Living far away from family

Living alone


She loves gardening

She use the tablet to find information


Basic knowledge about internet


She has a special model of fixed phone

Pedro Rojo

“I have just arrived in Montpellier to start my studies in Medicine. On the CRE website I have found everything I need to know as a newcomer. It saved me a lot of time.”







Student of Medecine



Passing the 1st year of Medecine

Finding a job to pay the rent

Improve his french


  • INCENTIVE 85% 85%
  • FEAR 85% 85%
  • ACHIEVEMENT 90% 90%
  • GROWTH 67% 67%
  • POWER 58% 58%


He still does not speak French well

No social relations in Spanish


High knowledge about internet and social networks

Instant messaging application addict


Likes to go out with friends after studying

At weekends he rides his bicycle, which is also his usual means of transport.


New Website

We recapitulated the responses to the surveys launched. We found that quite a lot of the public knew about the existence of the CRE, but lacked more information.
We grouped them into different categories, according to needs, we stablished 4 pillars: The CRE, consular procedures, links of interest, and activities with other organisations.


User Flow



Simple solution

Taking into account the needs of the Spanish Residents Council plus the results of the analysis of the data obtained from the interviews, the experiences with newcomers, observations with people who are not used to technology, it was decided to create from scratch a new website that would recapitulate everything that people needed and that at the same time would be the new digital window of the CRE.

Key Takeaways

More satisfied users

The security of having an up-to-date information point and a new digital image.

Clear information about CRE

Show the spanish population in the area what are the CRE’s implications and what the CRE can do for them

Less Stress:

When you know where and who can help you, you feel safe.


Combining inspirations

We looked for other sources of inspiration that would allow us to offer an enjoyable experience to the person on the other side of the screen. We took into account interactivity between the different platforms and that the main data should be accessible at any time and from any point. And we create the CRE’s website.


See more images of the project on Behance